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Birthdays Birthdays!

I have bought all of Wade's birthday presents, and they should all be arriving in the 2 week window when he is here. I think he will be happy with all of them, and I think Ive done a good job mining him for ideas. lol

But whiles writing another email to my english teacher, I have remembered my idea of the ultimate gift for my own birthday which is coming up in a little over two months.
Yes, you've got it! A geology map of Vancouver Island!

haha yep I am such a dork...but it is the perfect present!

oooh oooh! Or a series of same size paper but smaller scale geology maps of the island that I can put it together like a puzzle and have it in the bedroom spanning from floor to ceiling!
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sorry just some random person you thingy is cooooooooool
thingy? o_0