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a geotech bitchrant

yeah yeah, we've all heard this before...

gawdamn senior geo on wade's crossshift (Joe) keeps up with the same old shit even though he has the student helper
ie. leaving a backlog of paperwork that is supposed to be finished and entered onto computer as soon as one gets it, leaving the racks full of core boxes that he outright lied and said were logged, not even fucking cleaning up the coreshack...etc..

the list goes on. too fucking long my bear has had to put up with this shit
he has went to his bosses and showed them the problem and told them his frustrations, and yet nothing has been done about it

Although I fear for future financial security for him if he was to quit this job (this has been the second time in two shifts that he has seriously considered quitting the job due to Joe being a slow and inefficient worker) and look elsewhere, his happiness is the most important to me. If he was to go to Vosey Bay in newfoundland to find a fulfilling job, and would have to move there because the company wouldnt pay for his flight to and from vancouver, I would move with him.
I just want him to be happy in a job, for all his hard work at Eskay Creek, he gets treated like shit in return.
I know he would have been happy there if people on his crossshift would do the work that is required of them, and it is not just Joe, the whole crew slacks off.

I love my bear to death, but I think it will ultimately be his softness that will prevent him from getting anywhere in Barrick.
yes, they give him hints of a van office position of something better, but sometimes I doubt they will ever deliver.
Joe is getting slower in his middle age, but that is only because his work methodology is shit and he refuses to learn a new way to get his work done faster.
Wade is a kind-hearted man in a cutthroat industry, who couldnt fathom trying to get Joe fired because he has a family.
It is an admirable quality and it makes him special beyond belief, that he thinks of others before himself when it comes to shaping his own career. Of course I am saying this as a point of contrast to what I would do in that situation.
1. Yes the man has a family to support and problems in his life, but that should NEVER hinder someone in the workplace nor give them a sympathy card to use to take advantage of harder working people.
2. If you cant get the job done, ask for a severence package and get the fuck out to make room for people who will actually get the work done
Saying this, what I would do:
1. first write a very direct and attention-grabbing email to Joe (ie. using words like "I am appalled" or "I am disgusted")
2. if nothing is done, email him again stating the problems and warn him that if nothing happens that you will talk to people higher up
3. if nothing happens and bosses have been continually notified about Joe's poor work habits yet they do nothing and the problem persists (this is where Wade is at in his struggle) give the people higher up an initial altimadum (ie. "I am starting to look for a more rewarding job with a different company")
4. if still nothing happens and the condition either stays the same or worsens, the final altimadum: "Either he goes or I go."
and considering that bear has had 7 viable job offers in a month's time, one can see who the more valued asset to the company is.

I am just sick of all this bullshit and I am sick of seeing my bear frustrated as soon as he enters camp before any work is done.
btw: it took him 12 hours to get to the minesite today

alright I have done my ranting
I still love mining and geology
tomorrow I am going back to vancouver island for christmas vacation, a nice quiet time away from the bustling and loud city to take pictures and reflect on things.
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