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I made the horrible mistake of taking the 130 from metrotown to get to classes this afternoon

why so horrible?
not 1, but 2 different Burnaby schools were participating in a fieldtrip of some sorts
Moscrop and Alpha students were fucking jamming up the buses and being quite loud and rude.

I love kids, but I hate disrespectful youth who
1. clutter up the front door of the bus because they dont want to cram with their peers
2. refuse to give up their seat for an elderly person
3. dont get out of my fucking way when I try to get off at my stop

ah well, as a plus, I think my Civ midterm slated for tomorrow morning is cancelled and is going to be moved to after spring break. Ed was kind of unspecific about that in his email this morning, but it sounds like no midterm tomorrow.
Stats teacher is giving us a "surprise" quiz on stuff we just learned an hour and a half ago.
heehee...probability concerning normal distributions is so hard :P
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